We are an Investment Company in Renewable Energy


Michael Corten

Founder & CEO of BEE (Belgian Eco Energy) nv/sa

Ing. Vicky Buyse

Chief Operating Officer of BEE (Belgian Eco Energy) nv/sa

Gantis is founder and controlling shareholder in BEE (Belgian Eco Energy) nv/sa.

Belgian Eco Energy, a 100% Belgian energy company, produces homegrown renewable energy and is the figurehead of ecological and economic entrepreneurship.

Belgian Eco Energy (BEE) develops, builds, finances, and operates new renewable Power Plants and BEE also supplies green energy and smart energy solutions to companies or organizations.

BEE’s flagship project, the Bio Energy Base, a green Power Plant based in the Port of Ghent, produces green electricity, steam, and heat.

BEE also invests in green production facilities at its customers’ sites, and typically charges a fixed price per quantity of energy produced by this facility. When not all produced energy can be used locally, BEE can supply the remaining energy to another site of the same industrial group, at the same fixed fee. BEE does “smart energy sharing” for its customers and with the Belgian energy market.

BEE is a frontrunner and takes the lead in facilitating better and smarter energy management for their customers, being companies with their own local production plants (PV) or energy assets such as batteries or charging stations, that can also take advantage of BEE’s green production assets under the form of a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA).

By closing a CPPA with BEE, companies are supplied with reliable, local, and affordable energy and they have the unique opportunity to reduce exposure to volatile energy markets and zero carbon emissions at the same time.

CPPA’s create long-term price certainty and make the electricity consumption sustainable in a way that has real impact. So-called ‘greenwashing’ is avoided.

And there is more, because with BEE’s energy platform “BEE HIVE”, companies can benefit from dynamic energy prices while being protected from the risks of the volatile energy market.

With BEE HIVE, BEE provides a ‘smart energy management’ platform to maximize the flexibility of its customers’ energy consumption, reduce their energy costs and promote the integration of renewable energy into the electricity system. BEE HIVE combines BEE’s unique knowledge and expertise using customer consumption data and energy market data to facilitate optimal energy savings for its customer.

Moreover, BEE’s customers have a transparent insight into their energy consumption and costs linked to their own green production facilities or to BEE’s green production facilities.

In this way, BEE supports organizations entirely in their transition to a sustainable energy policy.